DIGITECH 2015: Exhibit 340

AgroSky Autonomous Robotics for Agriculture

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Project Team

Charles Wilson, Senior in International Affairs and Entrepreneurship
James Dilmore, Junior in Accounting

Project Oversight

Independent Work

Faculty Oversight: Bruce Manciagoli and Kimberly Wiley

Course Oversight: PAD 4931


AGROSKY is a social innovative start up with a focus on social entrepreneurship and robotics for the local community. Our goal is to help small scale farms and farmers achieve their maximized growth yields through environmentally friendly commercial autonomous robotics with a triple bottom line. AgroSky places the power of technology in the hands of everyday certified organic growers to give them a competitive advantage over larger growing entities within the community and the region. By utilizing strategic imaging, GIS Mapping and Strategic Spraying we are changing the way farms operate and grow.

Unique Features

By utilizing open source commercially available technology we have created an Autonomous helicopter that has the ability to provided live data imaging and strategic spraying for organic chemicals. We chose to construct a helicopter due to the fact that multirotors and Quad Drones are extremely inefficient. The helicopter operates on a 2.4ghz Speed Specktrum hopping system and provides video through a 2000mw amplified 5.8ghz downlink. This UAS or Unmanned aerial system as we call it has a top speed of 102mph, a 45 minute flight time and the ability to carry a load up to 60Lbs. The UAS has been fitted with additional features such as a spray bar and holds 120oz's of liquid if the grower chooses. By integrating a 3 axis gyro flight system and GPS puck we have been able to provide full autonomous take off, flight planning, and landing. The system also features a return home and fail-safe in the event of electronics failure. This means that the unit will always return to its exact point of takeoff in the event of an incident. In addition to all these features the unit also provides growers with Strategic imaging and Lidar imaging if they choose. This gives the potential growers the ability to monitor growth yields and inspect crop rotation. This makes the traditional method of using an aircraft obsolete.

• Top Speed= 102 Mph
• 60 Lbs Flight Capacity
• 3000cc Liquid Sprayer Tanks (5g/p/Hr)
• 540 Kv 22hp Electric Brushless Out runner Motor
• 25-45 Min Flight Time
• Fully Autonomous with Way-point Ability
• Failsafe
• 120 Amp 44 Volt Operating System
• Li-Poly Battery Technology
• System utilizes 5.8ghz, 1.2ghz, 2.4ghz and 900 MHz Operating frequencies
• Unlimited Flight Ceiling and Distance

AgroSky is an innovative social venture sponsored by Horizon Robotix Tallahassee with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship

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