DIGITECH 2015: Exhibit 335


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Project Team

Noah Brock, Graduate in Studio Art

Project Oversight

School: College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance > Department of Art

Faculty Oversight: Rob Duarte

Course Oversight: Automated Sculptural Systems


This is an interactive sculpture installation that is meant to exhibit entropy. A light-emitting sculpture reacts to the movement of the observer. The light becomes more intense as you approach, then abruptly turns off when you get too close. Eventually you will find a point in the space in which you feel the calmest in relation to the sculpture.

Entropy uses a scanning LIDAR sensor from a Neato XV-11 robot vacuum cleaner connected to a Raspberry Pi for processing the data. The Pi transmits distance data converted to a pwm value in real time to a 30W COB LED. The closest object is always tracked.

Entropy is an Icosidodecahedron - an Archimedean solid with 30 identical vertices and 60 identical edges and represents an atom at the state of rest. Build photos can be found at http://tinyurl.com/brockentropy

Unique Features

- repurposing existing technology
- open source software
- low cost scanning LIDAR
- interactive nature makes the viewer part of the piece
- questions our presence and the affect we have on technology

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