DIGITECH 2015: Exhibit 333


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Project Team


Project Oversight

School: > Independent

Course Oversight: MIS, Finance, Marketing


A innovative website that takes advanced financial models and simplifies them for the average consumer. Uses web aggregation methods of various public resources to give insights into where an equity on the stock market may move. The website additionally searches a large amount of resources for analyst grades on a stock and gives an aggregate opinion, much alike RottenTomatoes or MetaCritic. The website also finds which stocks are trending on twitter currently to give the user a better idea of which stocks they should search.

Unique Features

- Many unique models giving predictions of future stock movements based on various statistical trend movements and analytics.

- Analyst rating aggregation to give a user an overall grade for a stock.

- Unique JS platform that allows the information to be displayed in a visually stunning way. Uses various APIs to display charts that are interactive.

- HTML5 components and PHP coded to allow for live data.

- Runs on any NYSE stock and uses live information to give the best rating for a stock.

- Uses SQL database for enhanced website performance on previously searched stocks.

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