DIGITECH 2014: Exhibit 304

Boy With a Coin

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Project Team

Marissa Pilolli, Junior in Religion and Art History

Project Oversight

School: College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance > Department of Art

Faculty Oversight: Kevin Curry

Course Oversight: (ART1602-C)Digital Foundations


Boy With A Coin is a short stop motion video originally created to fulfill an assignment for the Digital Foundations course at Florida State University. The Video has been reworked for Digitech.The original video featured a song of the same name as performed by Iron and Wine but has been removed due to licensing.The name of the project has not been changed to give credit to Iron & for the original inspiration. Iron & Wine's frontman Sam Beam ironically enough is a graduate of the Florida State film school.
The second half of the dream sequence was created with cameras on the Iphone 5 and 5c and their standard mono black and white filter. The couch used as a prop is composed of 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" paper cutouts. created and designed, and flattened into an SVG using Sketchup. It was then exported to Adobe Illustrator where the colors of the interior and exterior lines were changed to pure red and blue in order to be read and cut out by the FABlab laser cutter onto the covers of several video game covers.The laser cutter then cut out the squares and created perforated lines for easy construction. The video was assembled and edited in Adobe Premiere.

Unique Features

- Integration several pieces of software including Sketchup, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, and laser cutting technology
- Displays experimentation with black and white photography and lighting
- Displays ability to take a natural object, convert it to digital, and bring it back into the real world.
- Representative of work created Digital foundations course
-Captured with both SLR and Iphone Cameras

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