DIGITECH 2014: Exhibit 289

AstroQueue (Real-time Queueing & Analytics)

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Project Team

Lawrence Weru, Senior in Biological Science + Studio Art

Project Oversight

Independent Work

Faculty Oversight: Geo Miller


AstroQueue allows people to share and manage real-time waiting lists using any device, from anywhere.

This patent-pending cloud-based app acts as a digital waiting list for any given Site (location). It is used in Sites that function in various ways to achieve the common goal of organizing client traffic.

A device can be transformed into a kiosk, which works much like a clipboard to collect custom information from Clients as they join the queue.

In a secure view within the app, Admins using their own devices are alerted when a new Client has entered the queue via real-time visual updates as well as audible cues. Admins can view all of the information that was submitted for each Client in the queue. Admins can "Finish" Clients, which essentially crosses the Clients off of the active queue and sends them into the archives. Admins can also "Delete" Clients.

In Sites using Desks (sub-queues), Admins can "Take" Clients from the main queue into their Desks before finishing the Clients. Admins can also "Return" Clients to the main queue. Clients joining the queue can set a preference to be taken by a particular Desk. Admins can toggle the availability of Desks so that Clients know which Desks are open for business and which ones are not.

Within the archives, records of every Client that has ever entered the queue, including all of their custom form responses, can be found. Entries can be sorted and filtered in various ways, such as by date or by question or Desk requested / taken (if applicable). Records can be printed or downloaded as excel or PDF, and analytics can be done on the information.

AstroQueue is currently licensed for use in several locations at FSU. Sites include offices inside the Biological Science building, the University Center (Doak Campbell Stadium), William Johnston Building, and HCB.

Unique Features

-Works on any device (cell phone, tablet, desktop, Smart TV, BMW ConnectedDrive... etc)
-Nobody has to download or install anything.
-Allows office admins to manage the waiting list without leaving their office or current location
-Allows office admins to privately and securely collect custom information from clients
-Allows for multiple kiosks to be set up for check-in, while keeping the queue in order.
-Notifies admins when a client has checked in
-Allows admins to browse, search, sort and filter through all client records ever, instantly.
-Allows for client data to be exported (to clipboard, Excel, or PDF)
-Allows for analytics to be instantly applied to client data

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