DIGITECH 2014: Exhibit 279

Who We Play For

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Project Team

Sean Daniels, Sophomore in ICT

Project Oversight

Independent Work

Faculty Oversight: Geoffery Miller


Who We Play For is a non-profit organization helping to save lives and inspire others.
We have two main goals:
1: To prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest in student athletes across the nation.
2: To inspire others to find out and discover "Who they play for".

Who We Play For's website is a perfect example of how we are trying to succeed in our goals. We have the ability to donate, sponsor, and volunteer with us to help prevent SCA. We also provide information on our many events and heart screenings. Lastly, we have an in-progress "Who Do You Play For" tab, in which we hope to allow others to post their inspirations for living their lives to the fullest.

Unique Features

The unique features of Who We Play For is that, through the death of one of our close friends, a group of college students were able to come together and work on something bigger than ourselves. We have raised over $50,000, screened hearts, provided defibrillators to schools, and educated people about preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The website provides a great way to get others involved and help share their story.

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