DIGITECH 2014: Exhibit 277


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Project Team

Taylor Brockhoeft, Junior in Computer Science
Frank Sposaro, Graduate in Computer Science
Daniel Porrello, Graduate in Computer Science
John Ngyuen, Graduate in Computer Science

Project Oversight

School: College of Arts and Sciences > Department of Computer Science

Faculty Oversight: Gary Tyson


acuity is a vision software suite that allows the user to strengthen their vision through the patented and proven methods that the FSU athletic department uses for some of it's top athletes and was developed by students at The Mobile Lab at FSU. EJ Manuel, before training with these tests, would often get sacked on his left side 'blind spot'. The summer before his final year playing for FSU, Dr. Orsillo(FSU's Athletic department eye doctor) developed a specific test aimed at improving EJ's left side peripheral vision. His last semester here, EJ almost never got sacked on his left side because he was able to see the opposing player moving in to tackle. acuity takes these patented tests, and using the kinect motion sensor and a large projection screen, we can easily automate the testing environment, thus eliminating the need for expensive equipment and test moderation. Participants react to cues on the screen and the system records their accuracy. acuity also allows users to create and manage new vision tests. This exhibit is set up to let participants get a first look at acuity, as it will be released in the next coming months to consumers world wide. We hope through our demonstration, participants can begin to see how much they can improve their vision through regular vision training, as well as see that it's not a cake walk either. Vision training is a serious workout. acuity is not meant for just athletes, anyone can use acuity to improve their field of vision, peripherals, and hand eye coordination.

Unique Features

-Integration of the Kinect Vision Sensor for gathering critical data
-Using a in house accelerometer and gyroscopic sensor to gather more specific data the kinect isn't able to give us(For use with athletes, when nano-seconds count)
-Will be available on Xbox in the future
-Automation of Patented Vision tests proven to strengthen a persons eyes, hand-eye coordination, and response time.
-Vision training tests can be aimed at working on a specific issue
-Users can make custom vision tests
-acuity has multiple vision test templates that users can modify

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