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LESS (Living Electronic SystemS)

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Project Team

Gregor Richardson, Senior in MIS

Matthew Terndrup, MIS

Jonathan Hayes, Senior in MIS

Robert Lamont, MIS

Project Oversight

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Steven Payne
Course Oversight: Mobile Application Development by Steve Payne


LESS provides a social energy platform that helps customers track hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly electricity consumption. Our platform will empower people to conserve energy, save money, share those savings socially, and compete with friends. Individuals are part of an even bigger team as we host competitions between neighborhoods and cities to see who can be most energy efficient. We will additionally have a text message notification system, and smart phone app that will help take the challenge on the go.

Unique Features

- Unique database design and FTP automated processes capturing daily information generated by the smart meters of The City of Tallahassee - Automated text message delivery system, notifying users of daily energy use - "Gamification for Design" and "Fun Theory" incorporated into our web design. - Ability to turn off appliances in your home, or lower the thermostat with our smartphone app.

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