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Virtual Florida

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Project Team

Joseph Clark, Graduate in Communication

Project Oversight


Virtual Florida(s) is a pair of amateur machinima filmed in the multiuser virtual environment Second Life and its open-source counterpart, OpenSim. Each of the "builds" depicted in the machinima provides focus points for exploring environmental and cultural history, what constitutes a "sense of place," the impact of human development on natural systems, the role of folklore and fantasy, and the ways that visual and spatial representations of the real world color our perceptions. The OpenSim version is accessible to the public on the Jokaydia Grid (log in and search for "Tallahassee Beach").

Unique Features

The films depict actual constructions built by the filmmaker and accessible to all users in each virtual world, and were assembled from readily available and, in some cases, scratch-built components, indicating the relative ease with which comparable virtual environments might be developed as sites for exploration, instruction, and interaction.