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Habitat Tracker

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Project Team

Andres Ruiz, Senior in Art

Chase Anderson, Art

Gilberto Parada, Junior in IT

Dale Smith, IT

Aldo de la Paz, Graduate in Comm

Nikunj Mehta, Senior in CS

Project Oversight

Faculty Oversight: Dr. Paul Marty, SLIS
Course Oversight: Funded by U.S. Dept. of Ed.


Habitat Tracker is an ongoing research project designed to help elementary school students learn about scientific inquiry. Florida State University, in partnership with the Tallahassee Museum, has developed a digital journaling system that uses online and mobile technologies to help students better understand the nature of science. The project's goal is to encourage students to become active participants in the scientific inquiry process by collecting and analyzing data about natural habitats, before, during, and after visits to a wildlife center. This exhibit will demonstrate the website and iPad application, developed by FSU students.

Unique Features

Habitat Tracker offers a unique mix of online and mobile computing, where students use an iPad to record data about wildlife at the Museum, sharing their observations with each other online. Students then use the website to analyze data, and answer their research questions.