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  • Friday, March 28th • Johnston Bldg

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Students innovating with technology

Friday, March 28, 2014, 11 - 5:00 • Johnston Bldg. FSU Campus

Kick-off Event Thursday, March 27, 6:00 - 8:00PM • 2004 Johnston Bldg.




  • Dozens of innovative student exhibits: robots, apps, creative works, tech start-ups
  • Dozens of department demonstrations
  • The application deadline has passed, but if you submit an application ASAP, there still may be space to exhibit!
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Panel Discussion and Reception

Thursday, March 27, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00PM • 2004 Johnston Bldg. FSU Campus

Learning, Innovating and Monetizing

Our distinguished panel will discuss the building blocks of entrepreneurial success: acquiring the knowledge required to innovate, extracting unique and useful ideas from knowledge, and transforming ideas into a profit-earning enterprise.


Panel Facilitator: Timothy Kinney

Florida State University - Jim Moran Institute

Tim is an Assistant in Management at Florida State University where he teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship, as well as a variety of management and other business courses. Tim worked at IBM from 1981—2009, spanning four different organizations within IBM and three levels of management. His experience ranged from the design and build of semiconductor facilities, to sales and managing customer relationships. He also had responsibility for three start-up business ventures launched within IBM. Tim received a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1975 from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY and his MBA in 1985 from the University of Vermont in Burlington, where he also earned the distinction of achieving the highest graduating class score on Comprehensive Exam.

The mission of The Jim Moran Institute (www.jmi.fsu.edu), in FSU's College of Business, is to cultivate, train and inspire entrepreneurial leaders through world-class education, leading-edge research and applied training, consulting and mentorship, and public recognition.


David Brightbill

Florida Virtual Campus and Making Awesome - Tallahassee MakerSpace

David manages an R&D group at Florida Virtual Campus, and is the founder of Making Awesome, Tallahassee's MakerSpace. He is a futurist with a strong interest in the relationships between information, people and community. David subscribes to the principals of "servant leadership" in both has profession and civic activities. His goal is to empower those who he work with to do great things. David's skill set includes: Strategic Planning, Ideation and Innovation Management, Job Task Analysis, Project Management, Virtual Community Facilitation, Instructional Systems Design/Development, Writing and Editing, Public Speaking and Technology Evaluation, Planning and Evangelism.

Making Awesome (www.makingawesome.org) is Tallahassee's makerspace, a community of people who share tools, talents and materials to make real things that they couldn't make with their own individual resources.



Trish Hanson

MoLab, Inc. - Mobilizing Science Education

Trish began her career in the not-for-profit arena and has 14+ years of experience in fundraising, special events, grants, marketing, public relations, and community development. Trish’s passion for the unconventional and her drive to create inclusive experiences is what led her to share in the vision of MoLab, Inc. The ability to mobilize science education, to spark a student’s interest in becoming the next innovator, and to change the minds of children who thought science was not for them is what motivates Trish. She is successful in developing partnerships and creating strategic connections. These accomplishments help fuel MoLab, Inc. in providing equal access to hands-on science education and expertise utilizing the mobility to benefit a larger population.

MoLab (www.tallymolab.org) provides online resources that cultivate and inspire a greater understanding of the role of sciences in our world.



Vincent Hunt

MASSIVE, Corp. - helping organizations innovate and grow

Vincent Hunt is the Founder & CEO at MASSIVE Corporation, a United States based research and development company. At MASSIVE, Hunt oversees the design and implementation of the MASSIVE R&D methodology: Collaborative Intelligence Engine (CIE). A Visionary Innovator, Hunt ensures that MASSIVE remains design focused, and uniquley positioned to help organizations innovate and grow. Preceding his work at MASSIVE, Hunt provided professional consulting services to companies looking to emerge in the post-industrial economy through the conceptualization and development of new products, services, and brands. When not working at MASSIVE, or more importantly; spending quality time with his family and friends, Vincent writes and speaks about the importance of creativity and innovation in the post-industrial economy, and the urgency associated with preserving an emerging generation of creators and innovators.

MASSIVE Corporation (massivecorp.us) is a United States based research and development company that takes an agile, collaborative, design-focused approach to helping organizations in the public and private sector innovate and grow.



Paul Marty

Florida State University - iSchool, iMaker FSU

Paul F. Marty is an Associate Professor in the School of Information within the College of Communication and Information at Florida State University and a lead visionary for FSU's new iMakerSpace. He has a background in ancient history and computer science engineering, and he earned his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois. Dr. Marty’s research and teaching interests include museum informatics, information behavior and user-centered design. His current research focuses on the evolution of sociotechnical systems; the digital convergence of libraries, archives and museums; and the co-construction of distributed, digital knowledge.

iMaker FSU (imaker.fsu.edu) is an ”Information Makerspace for Innovating with Technology” specifically designed to provide the FSU community with a unique opportunity to interact with and develop ideas for innovative information technologies.



Micah Widen

DOMI Ventures - accelerating business success

Micah is a social entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in a vast array of industries. Most relevant as a partner and CEO of Domi Ventures, LLC; a new startup incubator in Tallahassee, FL. His other successful ventures include: Investors First Real Estate Co., Brush Stroke Painting and Tutto Bene Wine Cafe & More. He has a demonstrated ability to drive revenue and perform strategic account planning. Micah has an unyielding passion for creating relationships that drive growth in communities and is currently serving as a board member for Capital City Youth Services.

The mission of DOMI Ventures (www.domiventures.co) is to create an environment where high-growth entrepreneurs can develop and become sustainable companies by providing education, mentoring, a network of resources, capital, a collaborative working environment (Domi Station) and business services aimed at accelerating business success.



Exhibitions & Demonstrations
Friday, March 28, 11AM - 4PM• Johnston Atrium



The Digitech Awards Ceremony

Friday, March 28, 4:00 - 5:00 • Johnston Atrium



Featuring: Gary Ostrander, FSU Vice President for Research.

The DIGITECH Awards Ceremony will feature a short presentation by FSU's Vice President of Research Dr. Gary Ostrander. FSU Deans and Dignitaries will be on hand to recognize and reward students for innovating with technology in their discipline. Awards and prizes will be presented in several categories. A reception will follow with free hors d'oeuvres and refreshments.

Many outstanding student projects are entered in DIGITECH and displayed in the DIGITECH online gallery. Of those entries, fifty finalists are selected to present their work at the DIGITECH event. A panel of judges select winners for four top honors:

Innovation Award

In the spirit of Vires, this award goes to the exhibit that best demonstrates strength and influence through the creation and use of novel technologies.

Expression Award

In the spirit of Artes, this award goes to the exhibit that best demonstrates the application of digital technologies skill towards a creative work.

Contribution Award

In the spirit of Mores, this award goes to the exhibit that best demonstrates strength of character by contributing to others.

Entrepreneur Award

Awarded for the best technology-based business service, product idea, plan, or start-up.

In addition to the four judged awards, there is one other which is voted on by attendees of the event:

Campus Choice Award

The most popular exhibit at FSU DIGITECH decided by votes cast by event attendees via text message.

Finalists may win only one award. Award winners receive a beautiful DIGITECH crystal trophy. All finalists receive a DIGITECH certificate and t-shirt.






Innovative Coding



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Creative Uses of Technology







Entrepreneurial Big Ideas!




Award Winners

Student exhibits to inspire!

acuity (2014)

acuity is a vision software suite that allows the user to strengthen their vision through the patented and proven methods that the FSU athletic department uses for some of it's top athletes and was developed by students at The Mobile Lab at FSU.
→ view exhibit

Boy with a Coin by Marissa Pilolli (2014)

Boy With A Coin is a short stop motion video created with cameras on an iPhone and standard mono black and white filter. The couch used as a prop wascreated and designed, and flattened into an SVG and cut out by the FABlab laser cutter onto the covers of several video game covers.
→ view exhibit

Who We Play For by Sean Daniels (2014)

Who We Play For is a non-profit organization helping to save lives and inspire others. It's two missions are: 1) To prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest in student athletes across the nation. 2) To inspire others to find out and discover "Who they play for". The website provides a great way to get others involved and help share their story.
→ view exhibit

AstroQueue by Larry Weru (2014)

AstroQueue allows people to share and manage real-time waiting lists using any device, from anywhere. This patent-pending cloud-based app acts as a digital waiting list for any given Site (location). It is used in Sites that function in various ways to achieve the common goal of organizing client traffic.
→ view exhibit

iVisit: Doctor in your Pocket (2014)

iVisit is a scheduling and meeting environment for patients and physicians so that they can quickly and easily perform routine check-ups and other minor appointments (e.g. checking on a cold, physicals, a sore throat, etc).
→ view exhibit

Draconids by Joshua Keeling (2013)

Draconids is an interactive electroacoustic musical composition for soprano saxophone, bassoon, and computer which uses pitch tracking and real time processing to alter the instruments' live sound.
→ view exhibit

Entree by Bryant Joseph and Connor Grady (2013)

Entree is web based restaurant Point of Sale system and tablet kiosk designed to increase efficiency, lower costs, and, most importantly, to create a better customer service experience.
→ view exhibit

Habitat Tracker (2012)

Habitat Tracker offers a unique mix of online and mobile computing, where students use an iPad to record data about wildlife at the Museum, sharing their observations with each other online.
→ view exhibit

LESS (Living Electronic SystemS) by Richardson, Terndrup, Hayes and Lamont (2012)

LESS provides a social energy platform that helps customers track hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly electricity consumption. Our platform will empower people to conserve energy, save money, share those savings socially, and compete with friends.
→ view exhibit

Paintings by MANDEM (2012)

Beginning with digital art and painting techniques, these canvases evolve towards traditional art mediums and techniques; MANDEM's workflow moves jaggedly between computer and canvas, layering physical media over digital grounds or converting paints into digital textures and backgrounds.
→ view exhibit

ABMapping Kit - Automated Building Mapping via a Quadcopter platform by Nigel Nye and Muye Liu (2013)

ABMapping Kitis uses a quadcopter and Kinect to generate accurate models of building interiors based on simultaneous localization and mapping.
→ view exhibit

Robosub by Miller, Miller, Franco, Royal, Robertson, McGowan and Smith (2013)

Robosub implements a huge variety of robotic components, employing computer vision system capable of recognizing colors and shaped as well as a redesigned hull with a simple, maintainable design.
→ view exhibit

SciLoc by Tricarico, Roberts and Learn (2013)

SciLoc was created to track and simulate the spread of diseases. By using multiple systems to gather location information of participants, SciLoc can then simulate the spread of any disease, actual or fictional, throughout a city or region.
→ view exhibit

ZYMBiO by Axel Hadfeg (2013)

ZYMBiO is a complex macro organism consisting of both AI and organic composition. It is self sustainable, the electricity that powers its movements is generated by bacteria it harbors inside.
→ view exhibit




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