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This is DIGITECH 2012
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FSU Digitech 2012

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About DigiTech

a showcase of FSU student innovation and technology

FSU is a diverse and innovative university where departments across campus have embraced computing and digital technologies to innovate in unique ways. FSU's DigiTech has two components: an online gallery of student exhibits available throughout the year, and a FREE one-day open-house event designed to showcase and promote FSU student innovation with technology as well as the many applied technology courses, and academic programs at FSU.

an extensive display of diverse work

For a single day the beautifully restored William Johnston Building will be transformed into a technology playground featuring outstanding student work in Web and Mobile Apps, Web Design, Digital Media, Art, Movies and Music, Computer Games and Simulations, Visualizations, Robotics, E-commerce, Information Management Systems, Graphical Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and other forms of applied digital innovation. Student work will be displayed on HDTVs, large projections, assorted computers, mobile phones and tablets. There will be demonstrations, presentations, performances, and interactive activities and it will all live on afterwards online at digitech.fsu.edu.

rewarding student effort

The DigiTech event will culminate in an awards ceremony featuring awards for outstanding student work in several categories as well as "People's Choice" and "Best in Show." The ceremony will include presentations by illuminated speakers on the topic of technology, education and innovation. Beyond the event itself, DigiTech will live on as an online gallery where student work will continue to garner attention as a tribute to Seminole innovation and pride!

for students, by students

DigiTech is a student-driven event: for students, by students. Students are involved in every aspect of planning, design, and implementation. Students benefit from both displaying their own creations, and being inspired by other's creations.

networking opportunities

DigiTech provides an opportunity for students, faculty, businesses and organizations with interests in innovative technologies to come together and explore collaborative opportunities.

innovative degree programs and courses

FSU departments will be on hand to provide information on degree programs and courses that are ideal for technically inclined and innovative students.